Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-19 20:56:53 (UTC)


Sometimes I wonder....

How can you trust people

To know whether or not they tell you the truth

Cuz some people are so superificial

They always act nice to you, or maybe always bitchy, but
then even if they are nice they just go and talk about you
behind your backs..

Sometimes I wonder if I want to be popular again....

But then I see all my old friends

And say the only thing that I miss is them

Cuz all the rest of it was about was how much you could
drink or how loud you were, or how superficial you were

It was all about dissing on other people, or acting fakely
nice to them

But that isn't me, and it never has been, I love people,
and I want everyone to consider me their friend

If being superficial and bitchy and drinking and having sex
and all that other crap is really all being popular is
(which it is here), then I know that I don't really want it

But then I still wonder about the people that I consider my

Are they really my friends or do they just hang out with me?

And some other various things I want to know~~

Why is it that when you finally find someone that you think
you really really like, and they feel the same, that nobody
wants you to be together?

I don't know how I will ever know some of these questions,
but all I know for right now is that I'm having a great
time, and it's almost Christmas. yay!