little mind farts...
2001-12-19 20:44:22 (UTC)

be optimistic..don't you be a grumpy! :0)

i have fallen again
i have fallen so far from myself
i have cired again
i have cried for everything that i feel i've lost
i have been rescued again
i have been rescued from a penetrating madness that resides
in everyone's soul but my own.
Dec. 19, 2001

i just wrote that. it popped in my head so i had to
record it.
this is the second time that i have written in my
little "online journal" today. this indicates how much i
have done today. lol.
i have been so restless today and the whole damn week!
lol my christmas break is coming up and i don't want to do
anything! i want to sit on my ass and watch tv...maybe
exercise, enjoy my beer ( and friends, and just
relax. I want to spend my mornings going out and sucking in
the air instead of being trapped in the walls of a
classroom. even in my favorite classes...a.p. english and
creative writing, i can't wait for the bell to ring. i want
to just wake up and stay in the bed feeling my deep red
sheets swallowing my body. :0) that would be dope. i would
play and little dave matthews band and hope to god that i
fall alseep again ( no matter how late i go to sleep i
can't sleep past 10)
things are becoming to repitious lately. i wake up 6:30
take a shower and try to get dressed before 7:20. this
routine is erking the hell out of me! although i basically
accomplish this goal every morning i am getting annoyed
with it. i need something new to throw in there...something
a bit more exciting.

-michelle :0)