What's up now?
2001-12-19 20:25:54 (UTC)

Time to relax....

I had kind of a good shift today, even though it was really
early...I got to talk to the sweet ladies that clean up
after us :) Then I got to come back to bed, sleep till 12,
go to my doctors appt at 1;15 then instead of walking all
the way home, I stayed and shopped a bit...I got a few
things, mostly for my mom...I hope she likes what I got!!!
It was snowing all the way to my doctors attp, so by the
time I got there, I was completely soaked...but I really
didnt care, I'm just soo glad it's finally snowing :) It
snowed almost all the way home, but it was really
relaxing...I had no where to be, so I just strolled on was great!!! Anyways I'm off to relax :) Love