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2001-12-19 20:21:41 (UTC)


Well I got a new job.....Yeah, I work at McDonald's....It's
actually fun. Everybody is always happy there, some
place where I feel really weird because I am never
happy.....Well NOT REALY HAPPY everyone just thinks I
am they don't know the real me and probably nobody
will......I have to work in the back in
production......Probably because I don't smile all the
time. I can't see how someone can smile
constantly.....My brother is comming back today...... I
havn't seen him in like a year.......I miss him soo
much.... Ben wen't to go pick him up at Des Moines
National Airport for all of you who don't know who ben is
he is my boyfriend. He gets on my nerves alot......You
are probably wondering why am i still going out with
him well because i got him wrapped around my finger
soo much that it's hard to let you own personal slave
go. J/k NO i LOVE HIM OMG I can't believe those
words just came out of my mouth. Wait they didn't they
came out of my fingers. HA HA Kelli tried to make a
joke......... Well I got to go the bell is going to ring for my
next class.


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