2001-12-19 20:09:06 (UTC)


Blah. I actually passed my math exam, and made the best
grade (which isn't saying much since everyone else failed.)
Bored, as usual. Reading the "Outlander Series" by Diana
Galbaldon, which Carole talked about. I really really love
it, which explains the fact that I have had my nose burried
in it all day. Half-way through the second book,
called "Dragonfly in the Amber" Dissapointed they killed
off Jamie, but at least most of the book is flash-backs
anyway. Bored senseless, taking a break from reading so I
don't get a massive migrane. Nothing really happening on
the fan fiction front. Checked out Gryphons-erie, no new
chapter, haven't checked Schnoogle yet, but I don't think
there will be many updates. At least today was the last day
of school. Thank God almighty! So bored... Oh well, guess
there is worse things than being bored, so I'm ok. Bored,
but ok. Thinking of sneaking a peak at my christmas
presents under the tree while my 'rent are gone. Probably
get caught, knowing my luck. Sigh, guess thats all for
today. Still bored,

Peace, love, and purple goldfish.