2001-12-19 20:03:28 (UTC)

I don't know

Today I got a nag-email from this diary thing telling me to
update my diary. Um.. so yeah, here it goes. Tonight I'm
going to the premier screening of Lord Of The Rings:
Fellowship Of The Ring. It's gonna be cool, so that will
make my day un-miserable. At lunch today, we planned for a
charity "concert" for saturday. There will be about 12
people playing various instruments in the parking lot of
the Palmyra Cinema Center, including myself, raising money
for the Salvation Army. Hopefully it won't fall through..
Martin put an ad in the Talon for this week for a singer
for our band. Hopefully we'll get some responses.
The test for Ms. Tavella today was easier than I had
expected.. She's a bitch. I hate her.
I guess that's about it..