B's Thoughts
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2001-12-19 19:05:12 (UTC)

How to get to Georgia

yes ok so i made this map for georgia yet i dont know if
it's right, my dad tried looking it up on a map but said he
couldn't find any of the streets once we got off the
highway soo sweet we are gonna be driving around a state we
dont know for a couple hours(fun?)well lets see did some of
that holiday shopping yesterday which was f'in crazy!!! but
i got all but 3 out of my 15 that i had to get done so
sweet yeah x-mas is only a few days away!!! but yet i still
can't get into that holiday chipper mood, hopefuly it will
kick in soon, well maybe when the weather is like 45 and
not 75 degrees well i'm signing out

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