Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2001-12-19 18:50:13 (UTC)

Ellie has that bitch of a..

Ellie has that bitch of a friend, Holly around again. She
says she hates her, and then she acts as best a friend
could, to her face.

So annoyed. This means I can do practically nothing.
Why wont KaZzA let me download things!?!? I think I hate
it. I think it hates me.
Well what.
I'm bored at the moment.
LSD=Truth is what I am listening to , and is most likely
what I will remain listening to for the next 15 minutes.
School sucks. Again.

I haven't cut in quite a while, which is a good thing!
BUT, when I get pissed off, I'm sure I'll do it again.
Grr..mums here!!!

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