Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2001-12-19 18:36:29 (UTC)


Hey J. I read what you wrote me but Ijust have to let
you know first of all that no I don't believe in God....I
just don't think it is all real.
Anyway last night sucked ass! I got into a nother
wresck! Fuck me! This is so bad cause I don't even have
my licence yet. And, to make matters worse it was
Stephanie's brothers car that I backed into. I am in so
much shit it is not even remotly funny! Fuck! I know that
Stephanie will end up telling hims sonthing but God
dammit.....he was parked illegally.....too baf I'm not 16
or it would have been his fault.
So, yeah, I bet you can guess who is over here.....