Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2001-12-19 18:23:15 (UTC)


You know them days when all you want to do is cry because
you hate everything, and you want to kill because you hate
everyone?? is one of those days.
I tried to kill Kim with her scarf, and umm...but she was
ok about it though. She got me some, umm..eyeliner for
X_mas...!?!But I did need some more. has been so unproductive, I've just been
wallowing in my own, self made pity.

But I don't care now, I have my music playing and in under
a week, I will be so happy, having X-mas video, CD and
Coat. Rock on, me!!

Oh and something which is REALLY pissingme off about
Kim..she tninks she's a slut, haha! Not as in.."I'm a slut,
everyone hates me", but in attention seeking ways. Like
before she was cutting her wrists, trying to be depressed,
then trying to be the funnyguy, and now she seems to think
she's a slut.! She is NOTHING at all like a slut,
she should just go off and be her usual FamousFive reading
bitching self. I do like her, but..I don't. *shrugs* I know
what I mean.