Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-12-19 18:22:01 (UTC)

The Freshman Fifteen

Well, they aren't lying when they warn you about the
Freshman 15. Not that I thought they were. But now, I'm
getting to experience it first hand.

Want to know the funny thing though? I'm ok with it. Do I
like knowing that I've gained 15 pounds back of the 20 I
lost over the summer? Of course not! But am I losing
sleep over it? Not a wink. Do I feel fat? Nope. Do I
feel any worse about myself? Not at all.

Of course, I'm thinking I'm gonna have to get my ass in
gear and pay attention to what I'm eating and the exercise
I'm getting. But the whole time I'm thinking this, Brad is
there telling me (and showing me) how sexy he thinks I look
just the way I am. And I've had a few people ask me since
I got home if I'd lost weight. Of course I hadn't, but if
people are asking, I must look ok. That always helps a lot.

So, today, I'm going to start watching what I eat and stop
snacking in every spare moment. I'm not going to let it
take over my whole life though. I'm not going to see my
self-worth as a number on the scale or a number of inches
on the measuring tape.