the life of a precious one
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2001-12-19 16:57:33 (UTC)

my very first entry!

Let me introduce myself before starting on my entry so that
you could know me alittle better =)..I've just turn 16 on
Dec the 2nd 2001..im from a tiny country-that you could
hardly see on a map-called Singapore.Its a tropical summer-
all-year-round country!The place is green and clean.
Anyway,well..i think that's all the introduction im giving
so far..thats cos i cant think of anymore things to write
about myself..any suggestions?well..i love listening to
music and singing along with them..and i know i have a
great voice..haha..or so im told?! yup and i love to come
online and surf the net or play online games. any
hoo...i've been reading quite a number of people's
entries.. so well..decided to give online journalling a
shot! its been okay so far.and well..i wanna start this
journalling thing so hmm..cos there are somethings we
people cant say..i mean not up front ..straight in the face
right?sometimes letting strangers read how you feel.. why
you felt that way...seems to be the best way to solve you
problems..so ive want to be one of the wonderful people in
the world..who tells what they wanna say...with no one
stopping them at all..and jus well give my views to what
happened during my day..=)

anyway let me stop jus there and start telling you about my

its been a great day so far!although its the holidays, i
went back to school to collect my GCE N levels results.(GCE
N levels is = to Singapore-Cambridge general certificate of
education (Normal level) Examination ) Just before the my
classmates and me entered the hall to collect the results,
we all crowded around the notice board outside the
principal's room..and we found out that out of the whole
batch of people who is taking this exam, only 2 of which
failed to be promoted..its a sad case...cos i know these 2
people are from my class.
Just before the results were release, we waited for my
stupid principal who was more than 30 mins late...after a
long speech that was made by the stupid principal, we
finally got our results...and surprisingly ...I PASSED!
with 8 points...in this exam, we are suppose to scare 10
points and below for our best 3 subjects..kinda hard to
explain..but yeah..the happy part of it all..is i pass! =)

My family went with me to collect the results and i didnot
expect myself to pass my chinese. im actually a cant-read-
nor-write chinese girl..and i didnt expect myself to pass
my chinese with 4 points..i normally get 8 points or 9
points..which actually meant...8 points = 50 to 55 marks
and 9 points = 49 and below..

but well..any hoo...after school, my family and a close
family friend proceeded to eat lunch at this resturant.
soon after which we went shopping in town...window shopping
that is.. we were looking around for winter wear as we'll
be going to korea for a holiday on the 23 of this month.yay!
yup..although the last time ive been on a holiday was to
bangkok in the beginning of the holidays, the REAL last
time i've been to a far away country was to the USA back in
1999? around that time...well that was my second time there
though...had more fun than the first!

well..my trip to korea is really gonna be fun! cos we'll be
going skiing..which is what i want to do for a long time..
thats becos i want to brush up my skills...been a realllll
long time since i last skiied too....which was back in
1995? yup...1995..

quite tired now..after going shopping..we came back home
and pack the clothes needed for the trip..*yawn*

wow!this is my first entry..and ive soo much to say...
hmm..if i bore you with my day's story..im sorry yeah? cant
help it..i want to share my joy with people! =) yup...gtg
need to get some stuff done....take care you people~~~~!!!

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