Little Bird

Private Babbling
2001-12-19 16:49:47 (UTC)

Santa's Gift

I'm doing really well actually. Comet and I were going to
move to Central IL and live as hermits. I really wanted to
stick to the plan...until last Friday.
I was looking for a shoer, called the 'new guy' in town. He
just got here from Iowa & has done all the big Paint, AQHA
and Arab show horses. He has an infectious laugh...made me
think he was on speed. lol The first day we talked twice,
made an appointment to have my horse/s done. Invited him to
Happy Trails & Maranatha x-mas parties. He picked up a few
more horses there. We spent all Saturday together w/the
kids & we've talked almost every day since that last
Friday. SO, I guess I have a new frog. This one is
different tho cause he is an ex rodeo Cowboy, taught
horseshoeing at various colleges, is FUNNY...etc and so on.
He has a couple years to prove himself before I finish the
BSM on line program and move to Central IL...we'll see.

We are proly gonna spend the holiday’s together…I hope. If
not, that’s okay too. At least I know there is someone out
there for me.

I could easily fall in love with this man. I am still
really nervous and on guard with him right now tho. I think
part of my fear is that I don’t want to be his rebound
woman. I also don’t want him to think that he has to sleep
with me because I’ve found him some work. I just want him
to know me and love me for who I am.

As far as the lifestyle I was trying to lead with my Sir:

I'm going to have to stick to my gut instinct. I think I
will do better teaching Mr Cowboy how to be a good Sir to
me. After all, he is a Cowboy and a gentleman...exactly
what I wanted.

I was getting so fed up with these city boys. Santa, thank
you. I never gave up in knowing you are there.

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