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2001-12-19 16:13:44 (UTC)

Just a little crush

Theres this guy I really like but I dont no wat 2 say,
He makes me cry with sadness evry single day.
I am always thinking about him,
Though he may not think about me,
We'r just m8s, though sadly.

We used 2 b much closer,
on tha point of getting together,
But now it seems very different,
Like the sun then cloudy weather.

I really really love him,
I wish he new the truth,
I wish tht I cd hav him,
He's really weird like me.

We get along well at times
and at others we just fite,
And I wish I cd tell him
Tht I think of him at nite.

I can neva hav him,
It makes my heart bleed,
But maybe theres anotha guy
Just like me.

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