little mind farts...
2001-12-19 15:51:42 (UTC)

lovely thoughts

it's snowing outside!!!!! is that not the best thing you
have ever heard!!!! dude, i remember when i was like 10 and
11 and on christmas day i would wake up and looka t the
snow covered ground...the white winter wonderland! that put
so much more of the christmas spirit inside of me! now
because of global warming...snow is scarce! :0( all i know
is that i am happy because my prayers have been's snowing!!!
i love sweaters and winter weather! i love fall also. i
love to go downtown and walk around and with my coat and hat. it's cool because i get the snowflakes in my
hair and i wear my little pink lip gloss and my nose gets
pink and my cheeks do also!i think that i look so pretty
like that! it might sound like a cliche, but honestly, i
love sipping the hot apple cider and hot choclate in the
winter weather. it's the best feeling in the world!

-michelle :)