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2001-12-19 15:21:21 (UTC)

First Time.

Well this is my first time writting in an online journal.
So bare with me.
Anyway, I am an 18 year old male. Life has been rough for
me cause i am one of those people that fellow students
picked on. I have been picked on since kindergarten and I
am sick and tired of it.
So finally i decided that I will not put up with anyone's
crap any more. I am not in middle school and most of my
fellow seniors are inmature. (I just now figured it out.)
Well since i am done ranting and raving i will tell you a
little about my self.

Like I said, I am an 18 year old male, Senior in high
school. I have two older sisters ( When i say older i mean
by 15 years.)I have two nieces and one nephew. I am going
to college for Business Education, with a music minor. I
want to become a teacher. And, hopefully come back to my
high school here and teach.

There is a little about myself.

Thanks for reading,


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