Only God Knows .....
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2001-12-19 15:07:59 (UTC)

What does the dream mean ?

This morning I woke up around 5:20 am from a horrible
dream. In my dream, I was dreaming, very bright, very
colorful, vivid and real. My grandparents came in the room
and throw down a lot of paper, samall packages, with smile
on their face. (In Asian culture, that kind of paper is the
money that dead people used). Then my mother came, (my
mother passed away four years ago), same, with smile on her
face and throw down the stuff to me or on me. I was
freaking out, asking myself, does it mean I am going to
die ? It's my time to go ? But, I am too young to die, and
how about my kids ? I called out in my dream 'No ... It's
not my time yet, I am too young to die....' I woke up,
looked at the time, it was around 5:00 am, need to go back
to sleep, and I did. While I was driving to work today, the
scene from my dream kept crossing my mind .... Is it a
sign ? Am I really going to die ? My life has been turned
up side down recently, but I have to work now, I will write
it down later ....

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