Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2001-12-19 14:03:50 (UTC)

The Day Before the End 2

I'm now in the computing lab that was shown to me only ten
minutes ago. The people I know have gone for lunch but I
remain, I ate before I left the Halls. I'm starting my long
effort on the work of Psyhology since I don't have to study
too much for the Introduction to Literature Exam since we
can bring in the notes for it.

There are sio many different topics to do for Psychology
and it's almost impossible to tell where to start. The
beginning would be a good thing but if I start there, I
won't get very far before my mind starts to shut down.

I once agin blame myself for getting into this situation.
To be blunt, I deserve to fail for being so slow to begin
my revision, if I do survive this I know that I won't be
half as bad as this when I start my actual term in

I won't give up,
I won't allow them to win,
No one can stop me now,
No one can stop, my last escape.

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