Alexander Dickson

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2001-12-19 13:52:49 (UTC)

The Day Before the End

Once again, time has somehow flew faster than I thought it
would and we find ourselves here, the day before the exam
which decides my entire future.

It's strange really, but I thought I would be far more
stressed ou than I appear to be. Maybe I'm putting on some
kind of brave face to convince everybody that I'm not
worried but that doesn't explain why even when no one's
around, I still don't care that much.

It might be what I feared all along - I've lost my desire
to learn new information. Was what Kate Durie said correct?
Perhaps this isn't the right time for me to be here. But
what about all that I've been through? I've spent a lot of
time, money and effort to get this far and tio give up now
would be incredably stupid. No, Kate is wrong.

I won't give up,
I won't allow them to win,
No one can stop me now,
No one can stop, my last escape.

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