It smells like poop over here
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2001-12-19 13:50:26 (UTC)


im not up to much, but i think im getting sick. i hate
being sick. and im hungry too! oh, but i got this email
from andrea the other day, bullshiting me about how i keep
IMing her, and she's happy with her bf of 2 months. i
believe these were my exact words, "2 months ehh? your so
fulla shit". her profile has changed like 8 times in the
past 2 months. oh yeah, at the bottom it says something
like this: "___ is such a sweetheart, he is so adorable."
it's said that since i dumped the ugly, pathetic slut ho.
but the name are interchangeable. it went from kevin, to
scott, to ryan, to rich, to some other names, and now it's
andy. and after "andy is..." it says, "i hope we get to
meet soon" then it has the little kissy face. hahaha, that
girl is so pathetic. i wanna send her an email asking her
to go out with me again, then have her call me and be
like "bitch, i still wouldn't go out with your sorry ass if
my life did depend on it! id rather die than be with you" i
think that's pretty low, and id like a good laugh,
especially at her. i don't think she'd actually wanna go
out with me again anyway. i treated her like a queen, but
appearantly, i "put her through too much shit" yes, i know
girls hate it when guys lavish attention on them and do
anything to make them happy, we're so shitty like that.
anyway, i really need to stop thinking about her, it's not
good for me. makes me depressed and pissed. so im gonna go
to work, catch ya later folks.


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