A. Phrend

Untouchable Memories
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2001-12-19 10:39:58 (UTC)

It's starting to feel a lot like X-mas...

Hello again,

Well, tonight was hang out night with the guys... My
fellow classmates all got together for dinner and a movie
tonight... we watched Pearl Harbor... it was a good movie
but the love story was too whack.... I just don't think
it's appropriate for a guy to hook up with his best
friend's girl no matter what!!! Anyhow, the movie was
informative and somewhat accurate... it was funny though
because one of the guys in the movie looked like the guy
named "red"...hahahah there was definitely some

Well, I did indeed send my ex, Susan, a email card...
wishing her a happy birthday... I don't know if it was a
mistake... but I haven't heard back from her... I do know
we will have to get in touch sometime soon because I've got
to take care of some internet accounts with her.... or else
her father is going to get charged... Anyhow, life goes on
sadly... The city where I live absolutely sucks....
probably because I lack motivation... after my break up,
it's been hard to get back on track... because I go a
couple of days without thinking about her, then I have
those moments when I start thinking about our past

I'm geting a little better though... I now just don't
care anymore.. I just hope I find a girl out there with
similar qualities to Susan.... mainly, I just want her to
care for me as Susan cared for me.... that's really
important to me.... I don't mean to compare her to Susan,
I'm just saying that I'm not trying to find a Susan-look-
alike... just trying to find a good decent girl.. one
who really appreciates me and goes above and beyond for
me.... and likewise, I would reciprocate...

Well, it's sooo late tonight... it's 2:45 am and I've
got to work in 4 hours.. I'm currently working in the
Psycho Ward... dealing with a lot of Psycho
patients....it's depressing at times... Gosh, I hope I
never end up like this ppl... dimented, schizophrenia,

Anyhow, jut wanted to jot down a quick email...
Til then, "Sing like no one is listening and Dance like no
one is watching...."

A friend...