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2001-12-19 08:21:21 (UTC)


So I haven't talked to my father since we fought over me
moving in with Jimi thing. Too bad I'm gonna do it
anyway. I love Jimi more than anything else and I want to
live with him more than anything else too. At least my mom
is cool.
My dad can kiss my ass. I don't need his permission for
jack shit hes never been there so if doesnt want to be in
my future thats fine. Just because he writes a check every
month doesn't mean that he's a Dad. He's just a part-time
parent. He deals with us whenever it's convienient for
him, must be nice. He has no clue what its like to raise
three children and he acts like hes the greatest father in
the fucking world he makes me nuts. But of course I'm too
much of a pussy to say any of this to him because I'd feel
bad if I hurt him even though he has no reguard form my
feelings what so ever, or at least thats how he usually
treats me when i do something that wasn't involved in "the
plan of life" he had for me. Well whatever for all I care
nearly everyone can go fuck themselves. Im out