Diary of an Obsessed Fan
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2001-12-19 07:55:17 (UTC)

To Start Things Off

I decided to start this diary to let people know more about
me. From my writings I seem like a complex person and maybe
in some ways I am. To really understand me I have to go
back. Way back to where it all began.

One dark night at a party my Mother and Father got it on at
a high school party. They then married two years later when
they found eachother again. I was the result of that
marriage. On their first night in paradise Mom got pregnant
with me.

I say paradise, but really it was a cheap hotel by the
beach. They loved it, but I think the place is a run down
piece of shit!

I grew up in a small town in Washington State. The name is
not important because you could insert almost any name of a
small town around here and it would fit the mold. I
attended at small school and came out of it with my small
group of friends. I then went on to college where I am now.

My diary is entitled Diary of an Obsessed Fan because I am.
Let me explain what I mean by that comment now. I am a fan
of many things and there are things I am obsessed about.
Really the only time you can put the two together is when
talking about The Backstreet Boys. No I am not a stalker
sort of fan, but I do go a little overboard about them all
the time. If they are on TV or the radio, the rest of the
world stops!

I have to say that Music is my first love and not my last.
I have always been a big music fan. When I was little I
would listen to the radio playing top 40 music and also the
classical station. I am fairly well versed in classical
music and certainly know my way around a score.

I played sax in middle school, but quit when I hit high
school. I then got into more varied musical tastes and
hated this little known group called The Backstreet Boys.
Their song would come on the radio all the time and drive me
nuts. I thought they totally sucked back then. Now I know
what's up and who's damn fine in this world.

I also started this diary because I have decided to start a
new fanfic at my site. Http://

It's not your typical story for me. Some of the ones I have
started and not finished yet are way out their and strange.
I mean I run around killing girls in the first one and
Brian and Kevin who are cousins get it on in another one.

Those sorts of things are not natural for me or them I'm
sure. I have decided to write a story as if I met AJ (my
master in my head) in person in an everyday sort of way. I
have decided to place myself as a sales rep for a department
store called "Beauty," a Washington based store with
branches all over the US. I am in charge of checking out
potential clothing lines to carry in the stores nation wide.
From this lowly position I get offered a job working as the
President of the Florida operations.

Things go from there by me becoming friends with Sarah, AJ's
real life girlfriend. It's a new idea and avenue for me so
I hope things go as planned. Also I am looking into having
it hosted through a friend's website if I can ever get the
darn thing written!