The Life & Times of Alison
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2001-12-19 07:30:43 (UTC)

A new adventure...

Well, this is a new adventure... as like many things in my
life lately!

Well where to start? I should tell you a bit about me, last
time I tried to post this, the computer crashed! (maybe its
a sign?)

Me: My name is Alison Rae, well my first and middle names...
I was named after the Elvis Costello song Alison. I am 21
years old. I live with my mom, dad and 24 year old sister
who just moved in recently. We have a lhasa-poo puppy named
Sammy, a guinea pig named Ivy, a parakeet named Psycho (my
sister named him), 2 beta fish named Killer and L.B., and 3
fancy/beautiful goldfish named Blackie, Weeble and
Princess. Yes, we know, we have a zoo!

When Im home I live in Pittsburgh, PA. But when Im at
school, I live 70 miles north at a small state school. I am
an Elementary Education major with a dance minor, in 2
sororities there, a social and a honorary. I am a member of
the colorguard, symphonic band, concert choir and thats it
for now!

Likes: I love the arts, anything dealing with fine arts
kicks ass. I love to sing, dance, act, play music, write
music... I want to learn to paint, and also play guitar-
those are my next endevors. (I get on these learning kicks,
and Ive taught myself many things- like Russian once,
though I dont remember it!)

For fun: I love to go out and have a good time! I also like
to stay in and watch movies, old TV shows such as I LOVE
LUCY (is it me or is Nick at Nite shitty now?!) I love to
go to museams, learn about science and history, and also go
to the bar. As any 21 year old would!

Up at school I like to go to my favorite fraternity house
for parties, plus go to the bar, or even just hang out with
my friends.

At home I go out with friends, go to Borders, Starbucks,
the movies, the Waterfront (such a cool place!)

MUSIC! Everyone is always like, "I like this kind of mushc,
but hate this kind." Well, not me, I like everyting.
Classical, Rap, Country, Swing, Pop, Big Band, Punk,
Folk... etc... the list goes on!

Right now I have been listening to Matt Caplan alot... he
is an awesome singer... wanna hear my Matt story- Oh yes
you do.

Well... So... I have a tiny Rent obsession... :) and well
when I went to see the Benny tour last year in Pittsburgh,
Matt was Mark. It was then I decided, hey hes cute, hes
talented, I like him. (I have a big thing for people who
play Mark... Im a Mark-snob) So then when I go to NYC this
past Thanksgiving (to sing at Carnegie Hall mind
you!!! :) ) and I go see Rent (with my fellow obsessee
Sandy) I see that Matt was on the cast list... and then in
my little playbill, it has the substitutions listed, and
Matt was playing Mark (he is and understudy). Little did I
know at that time, that he also sang... like solo... :)

But now I know, and I am greatful, since, well... I may
choreograph one of his songs for my class next semester!

Other famous guys that I think are crush worthy:
Matt Caplan- Yes I mentioned him already, but he is very
talented (that means a lot to me!) and good looking!

Gideon Yago- Smart, cute... definately a winner

Jim Poulos- Yes, hes married, but he was a Mark, and who
can forget him? Gorgeous, talented... :)

So yes, that was my rant on Rent and guys... hmmm

Today, what did I do? Well... lets see:
I woke up at 2, cos I like to sleep... and its break, so...
Then I shower, clean, call Amber, she wasnt home! (Amber is
one of my best friend who I never see... I have alot of
those!) Talk online for a bit to Mike... hes moving to NYC,
so I can go visit! hehe... Becky IMs me and asks if I want
to go out for dinner, I say YES IM STARVING...

My parents were away at the time, my dad had a trial today
YOUR FAMILY! - ahem, off the soap box - so they were out
for a long time. (He got off light with a sentence of 90
days house arrest, with a work release)

So I had no money and had to wait til they got home.
Becky and I went to Applebees, then Borders, once we were
bored of that, we rented Bridget Jones's Diary and The
Princess Diaries, two movies we saw together in the
theater. It was a fun evening.

Nothing much is going on, I may write more later, but this
was just the first entry, I wanted to get it in before I
was too lazy not to!