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2001-12-19 07:03:18 (UTC)

Wonderful Day

I had absolutely the best day. I was in bed, and I was half
asleep, when I heard someone come into the house. At first
I thought it was Savannah, but I was still so tired, I
didn't think anything of it. Well, it was Justin. It made
me so happy. You know, I thought that the whole "double
take" thing was only in movies. But I looked up at him,
laid my head back down, and then looked twice to make sure
it was him, and sure enough, it was. I haven't been that
happy in a long time. He showed up at like 8:30, and he
rode the transit. He said he woke up, and it didn't feel
right for me not to be next to him. So he rode the transit
all the way out here to see me. And we made love like we
never had before, and it was so beautiful. I couldn't get
enough of him all day. It was so weird, because I don't
initiate it that often, but I think it was all me. He crawled
into bed next to me, just in his boxers, and the warmth from
his flesh was just such an incredible feeling, that I wanted
him in a way that I have never wanted him before. We ate
breakfast together, and showered together, and it was just
the most wonderful morning. Just having him look into my eyes,
and he's telling me that he doesn't want to be anywhere else
but with me was so overwhelming. I felt so much love for
him, and the feeling just won't go away. I couldn't stop
smiling throughout the whole day, and I just have that incred-
ible "loved" feeling. I'm so overwhelmed by the amount of love
that I feel for him right now, that it makes giddy inside,
like a child. I never want to lose this feeling again.
Well, I definately have to go to school tomorrow, so I should
get going. I'll write later.
Love Always and Forever,

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