What's up now?
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2001-12-19 06:10:10 (UTC)


Uhh tonight was pretty fun :) I went and saw Spy was really good :) It was awesome to get out
too...oh and I got to talk to Trish!!! I miss you sooo
much baby!!! Then I came home and all of my babies were
online!!! so we started a small chat, but there were like
6 of us, so it was almost like a real chat :) It was soo
nice, but it just made me miss them more....but I'm gonna
make my way to stockbridge very soon :) Hopefully to GR
too!!! Oh and I am going to go to Mackinac to go skiing
with Jacob :) I hope...I want to really bad!! But then I
had a very serious conversation with Erin and "Janet" it
ended up being paul but it was okay, he gave me some really
good input :) It all started with Me talking to
Jacob...I'm sorry I got weird...I'll explain later why it
was hard to tell you...but anyways I'm ready for another
serious talk when I go home this weekend...I cant wait to
be there!!! I miss it a lot, and I'm just lonely...its
rough talking to like no one all day....but Krunal and Syed
stopped by, so that was nice...I might go hang out with
them tomorrow night :) good times!!! The week has
surprisingly flown bye...I guess when you work so much
you're really just chillin in between until the next time
you work again :) Anyways....I'm normal ashley again :)