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2001-12-19 06:09:08 (UTC)

2ndpagefor WASTED SPACE

Auto response from GoKu3u: Lilmeanie05 I am sleeping so if you want
you can leave me a message. (Lindsay you can try and wake me up love
ya). now the rest of you can / look down.
You Are: Lilmeanie05
Time: 3:28:26 AM
Date: 21/12/2001
.......Leave A Message.......
omigoshiez hez so funny!! i try tuht wake him up like 24/7 tho altho
he iz sleeping n all!! hah way tuh go meeh!!lolz.. nah andy iz like
mai numba 1 buddi on da net! he sticks up for meeh n mai sistaz and i
luv dat bout him! welpz i gotta go coz im werkin on mai site! luv
yall pplz!