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2001-12-19 06:03:37 (UTC)

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Hearing: LeAnn Rimes- Can't Fight The Moonlight

okai so like i totally forgot about mai whole diary deal
goin on hea! im so sowwie! newayz bak tuh mai so totally
kick azz (so called) life! im like totally so in love with
justin gorman.. i dont kno whai tho! i mean friday.. i went
tuh clint's (ashleigh's bf) house tuh meet chad ford. but
justin showed up and i drug ashleigh outside and we sat on
da wet trampoline and talked and i waz like i love justin!
and i mean i waz supposed tuh be diggin chad but justin waz
so cute and sweet and adorable! welpz newayz chad had tuh
leave like at 9:30 and so clint waz like tellin justin tuh
take meehz bak tuh ashleigh's and justin waz like okai!! and i
rode with him and we talked and he waz askin meeh wut i
thought bout chad and i told him i wanted a guy dat could
get closer tuh meeh and all.. and like we got tuh
ashleigh's and we all were standing n her yard where it waz
dark and he started playing round like fake pushing meeh
and he would catch meeh if i fell or sumtin! and like he
would tell clint like every 5-10 minutes if i told him i
liked him he would ask meeh out but i waz too chicken and
didnt kno exactly how tuh tell him! but like clint and ash
were so cute and den justin started huggin meeh and we juz
held onto each otha while standing underneath da starz and
we talked and talked so softly and omg i luved it!!! lol..
but everything must come tuh an end! mai dang mom called
and told ash's mom i waz supposed tuh call at 10 and it waz
like 10:40! hehe.. so mai stepdad came and picked meeh up
and justin waz like waving hey tuh ray (mai stepdad) and
ray wasnt waving bak and ray was pissed! so like da next
day chad called (which i waz hoping he wouldnt) but we
talked and he waz kewl tuh talk tuh but i would rather talk
tuh justin! so like sat.-2day i cleaned house and chad
called every day but i dealt with it all pretty good.. and
like mai mom iz gonna let ash stay da nite and let clint
and justin come ova! so im all happy! lolz.. maybe justin
will wanna hook up and we can have a lil fun! hehe i hope
so! ive been werkin on mai site pretty rough these few dayz
and im actually getting a lot done! lol! yall should see it
tho! i look totally cute too!! haha oh!! i gotta tell yall
bout mai photoshoot last thursday! hah okai.. so i like
totally skipped skewl and had tuh be in shreveport, la at
9:30 am (nawt mai best time of da morning but i managed)!
and like da dude looked totally gay and da gurl was kinda
too giggly! newayz i had tuh undress and dress in front of
guyz and girlz but it waz all kewl even tho it waz weird! i
had tuh take at least 72 pics and it was raining dat day!
ahh.. so like i was gettin mai hair done and like she was
curling it and da dude kind bumped her arm and da curling
iron burnt da top of mai eye and it hurt but it didnt
actually blacken until da next morning! but newayz i had
tuh get dressed and then get mai makeup done and hair done
for each outfit and dat took bout 10-15 minutes and then i
had tuh haul butt tuh da prop room and take pics! dey loved
meeh tho! dey said i waz a natural at modeling and all so i
waz all happy happy! lol but newayz da next morning i
decided tuh skip skewl again and i got up and brushed mai
teeth and den i looked n da mirror and i screamed! mai eye
was black! and it was so pitiful!!! i was home alone with a
black eye.. i totally dialed n ash's numba and waz all like
help n all and she goes "put antibiotic cream on it dork"
so i hung up on her and put it on dere.. welpz da shyt
started gettin all n mai eye and it waz annoying but now
mai eye lookz a lil betta.. but i wear concealer every time
i go out n public!! lol gotta keep lookin good and nawt
fret so badly! lol.. but newayz i am so totally like loving
talking tuh andy (GoKu3u) and like he iz so sweet and im
hoping "CUTE" lol he knoz wut dat meanz but hez gonna send
meeh a pic by da end of da month i hope! btw: his fave song
iz Redman-"Let's Get Dirty" haha!!! he also said he has 450
songs but he hasnt heard any of da ones i kno! and i like
listen tuh mtv and all dat! urgh! o welpz! newayz his away
message iz so funny!! i luv it tho!! lolz look on next page!