Boring... Do not read this diary...
2001-12-19 05:57:50 (UTC)

Butt Sitting

What an exciting, awe-inspiring day in my life. I woke up
sick, helped my mom decorate our house for Christmas, sat
at my computer and played football, went out to do some
Christmas shopping (I know, I'm late), checked my grades
for the semester, played some more football on my computer,
and otherwise sat around on my butt all day and did
nothing. I have done some e-mailing of friends as such,
but that's all productive I've done for quite a while. I
love Christmas break! I just realized how quickly the past
semester went. Whew! I did get decent grades, none below
a B, so that's good. I will get inendated with Geography
courses next semester (11 of 17 hours are in Geography),
that's what I get for being a Geography major... HA!.
That's my life for the day. Pretty boring.