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2001-12-19 05:51:52 (UTC)


I'm tired, I don't feel like writing. I talked to all my
babies in a chat room today, it was super fun. Last night
i talked to him online for a long time, i might get to see
him tomorrow. Rachel I feel like i'm following you:) Now
Janet, Ashley and I are having a more serious talk!!!
TOday I watched Fried Green Tomatoes with Seany, that movie
is so good. Then I went off to work for a fun filled
afternoon shift. It actually was kind of fun, we had a big
Christmas party with everyone's families. I helped clean
up, manual labor fun stuff. Eventually I went back to my
house and mananged to convice a few people to do what I
wanted them to do. I'm pretty sure this job makes you
manipulative, but it's not my fault, they have to be
clean. So anyhow I am tired now so I think i'll hit the