pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2001-12-19 05:51:33 (UTC)

''it would be bliss to pretend we never met''

i have someone i can talk to
to lean on when i need him
i can give him a call when i'm lonely
and tell him how i feel
but ther's something
or someone who gets in the way
there once was a person to whom i liked and cared for
i loved and cherrished this friend with all my heart
one day that person left without a reason
they said goodbye in the most impersonal way
it made me feel like i faild as a friend
i realized then 2 things:
i can never get back what i once had with this special
and i cared for this person more than i ever knew
it wasn't until my heart was stolen, protected and then
trampled by the same person, that i knew i could never
replace what this person did for me
they were the only one i could ever really talk to
they forced me to open up and release my problems to them
they showed me happiness and i experenced the flaws in life
but no matter how much pain this person caused me
i still loved this one with so much trust in my heart
that i did not know it until it was too late.
and now i suffer the consiquences.
i am blesed with another someone who can bring me joy and
laughter, is sweet and kind, so caring and concerned about
me that its too good to be true, and yet it is.
my mind is suppoesed to be ound to this new wonder
but when it comes to lonelyness
the person to call for comfort is not him
i want to call you
i want to see you
i want to hear your voice
then i come to the realization
he is better for me, in so many ways
so caring and sweet
but i wonder, how things would be, if you and i
never went our seperate ways...