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2001-12-19 05:50:49 (UTC)

ex-boyfriends.... what can i say....

Well so here's my life right now. I only have one more day
left of school and then i'm done for the semester! yay!
only one more semester to go and then i'll graduate high
school! anyways i kinda think my life sucks right now, but
it doesn't really suck it's just confusing. the drama of my
life, let me tell you! well my ex-boyfriend is back in town
after graduating (i guess that is what you'd call it) from
boot camp. he's a marine now and he's back for about a
month. he is looking pretty good if i say so myself! so
we're kinda back together but not really. i don't know what
to think. plus i have all of these people telling me
different things about what i should do! life is way
confusing! i did like him a lot when he came back, but i
don't know anymore. sorry i heard he was gonna go party and
get some. he didn't and we weren't technically "together"
(i still don't even know if we are) but we both knew we
were gonna get together, so why would he do it? or even say
it? well i don't know and i probably never will. boys are
one thing i will never understand. i swear i'm boyphobic. i
guess i'm just gonna wait it out and see what happens.
so what else exciting is hapening. oh yeah! my sister came
back from college last weekend and things are going ok, but
i was so used to being an only child and now, she's back
bossing me around again! i know i probably sound lieka
really whiny person but i just have to get this off my
chest, cause well, if i don't i'll probably end up lashing
out irrationally, and who knows where that'll get me! well
anyways i'm still waiting for some songs to finish
downloading so i can make my best friend a cd, and it's
probably never gonna finish, but i'm going to bed anyway. A
girl needs her beauty sleep ya know :) j/k! anyways i'll
write again sometime in the near future (i hope) cause i'm
actually really bad at journals and such. well, ta ta for

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