Jennifer's Words
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2001-12-19 05:26:51 (UTC)

Good Good

Well, change of plans.. staying in Troy another night.
It's a good thing, gives me a more relaxed atmosphere in
which to do some work. Also, amazing concessions have been
made for me in regard to some work, almost as if I have
someone watching out for me. I'm feeling a little better
about going home. I'm just going to throw myself into the
restaurant and avoid confrontation at all costs. No need
to add to any tensions by doing stupid things and getting
myself in trouble. Also no need to be going crazy and
partying all of the time. I could use a little quality
quiet time. Kind of glad I have some things to do over
break. Free To Be!!!! It's gonna be the *bomb*. I need
to just jump right into break at full speed. I have a lot
of things to do.. no need to slack off. I can't really
think about this as break, more of a change of what I'm
busy doing.. it will put me in the right frame of mind for
next semester. No need to veg out watching Real World
Marathons on the couch. What a fucking waste of time!!
Yeah, the characters are interesting and all, but in all of
the time I've spent watching that show throughout the
years, I could have been having some of my own unique
experiences. Anyhow.. I'm going to start a little
detoxifying process tommorow.. should be interesting..
dropping a lot of things at once.. by the end of break it
would be nice to be on a healthy eating, sleeping, living
cycle.. right down to no caffeine.. that may be a little
impracticle however. Right now I'm pretty polar to that
image.. I'm ready to really challenge myself a bit. I think
for my New Year's Resolution I'm going to give up
mutilating my cuticles. I've been doing it for about 6
years straight.. I think they deserve a break. It has been
such an ingrained habit now.. we'll see, who knows perhaps
something a little deeper will strike my fancy..
alright.. early to rise..

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