My Life & My Memories
2001-12-19 04:31:58 (UTC)

Beautiful Morning..!!

Dear Diary,

Its after a very long time that I was out so early. The
clear roads and the morning breeze. Ah it was beautiful
outside. I just wish the weather would stay the same
throughout the day. Was missing India. Its the same in
India but with a little difference. I wish I could have a
lovely house in India and just stay there for the rest of
my life..!! But then coming back to reality..I wouldnt want
to settle down there..!! Cant stay there for a life time
but I can take a visit to India every one month..!!He he

Was at Jassi's place yesterday night. We had a long talk
after such a long time. I mean I think its been ages since
I heard her talk and she heard what I had to say.. If we
really think about it, what she said was right..Who are we
to really depend on? Today I am there, Jeet is there, Deepa
is there for her but tomorrow who is it she is going to go
to? Its the same situation with me. First it was Jeet whom
I used to depend not, not that I dont today but there is a
distance b/w the two of us today. Not that it is our fault
but it is mere circumstances that has done this to us.
Today she is there, tomorrow Jeet isnt going to be there
what am I to do then? Jassi was right when she said, you
really need someone whom you can open up to and tell her
each and every single instance about your life. Not
thinking what she would say about it. Yea I know, I have
too many people to talk to and I will always have some
people by my side but then if I really consider what Jassi
madam said, I think it makes a lot of sense. But I would
say one thing SHE THINKS TOO MUCH..!! But it makes sense
so..ah never mind..!!

At present I can just think of one song and it keeps
repeating "Koi hota jisko apna, hum apna kehlete yaaron.
Paas nahi to duur hi hota lekin koi mera apna.." This is
what exactly the thing is. You really need someone whom you
can really open your heart to and speak things out and the
person should be patient enough to listen to you..!! I dont
think there are people who actually have the patience to
listen to others. Its very rare..!! Ah well..I have to stop
thinking once again and get back to the stupid history..!!
Blasted history rather..!!! Almost done but just need to
revise the whole thing again..!!

Should be able to finish everything by 2:00. Atleast I
target it at 2:00..!! Havent finished my project yet and I
dont know what Ami madam is doing sitting at home. She was
supposed to be designing the stuff and well, she hasnt done
that also. I thought she must have used the two holidays to
do so but should have guessed it better. None of the
freaking pages are complete and the submittion is
tomorrow..!! Documentation remaining to do still but for
the doc to be done site needs to be complete which I dont
see this year!! Presentation to give and the big question
is what are we going to present on??? UGGGHGHHHHHHH..! I am
going to die early if I go on at this pace..!! DAMN!!
BS!!!!!!!Should have taken up the coding part earlier..or
should have done the whole thing on my own..!! One thing I
learn this time is NEVR DEPEND ON ANYONE!!!!!!!

Got to rush...before I freak out..!!

Jai Shree Krishna...