diary of a bi christian
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2001-12-19 04:16:50 (UTC)

entry 2- hell in a nutshell

Today was an ok day. Nothing really interesting happened.
Today is my friend's second to last day at our school. She
is goin to SFCS. Im gonna be sad when she leaves. She is a
really good friend to me. English class will be boring
without her. But i got other friends in English class.

I hate those lil 7th graders. I walked into a class today
and a couple started calling me the name i dread. It was
made a couple of grades back and i hate it. I am gonna kick
one of those lil 7th graders asses if they piss me off
again. I'm bout to fuckin go crazy. I cant wait till i get
outta this shit hole. If i ever do. SORRY FOR LANGUAGE.
Some 7th graders are tyte as shit.

Tomorrow is last day at skool for the year of 2001. Thank
god! We are doing no work. All we are doing is watchin
movies. And my first period teacher is lettin us have a
party cuz she rocks. Shes the coolest!

I am still single. I hate it but i gotta live with it.
Living in the south sux. All we got here guy wise is hicks
and whores. And chick wise...different picture. Theres this
chick i like who is totally hott. But she is going out with
this guy. And i have liked her ever since i met her. Shes
got a really great personality. And she is a really good
friend. Shes funny as hell too!

Well I am going to leave u with one of my fave quotes:

"Work is necessary evil to be avoided"- Mark Twain

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