What it's like to be a girl in the w
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2001-12-19 03:36:26 (UTC)

Outta Control

I'm only 16 and I know I'm out of control. I'm so out of
control both my parents have given up on me and I'm pretty
much allowed to do whatever I want. Let me tell you how
out of control I am. I'm only 16 and I've had so many
sexual partners that I've lost count. Name any drug you
can think of and ten bucks says I've tried it. I get drunk
whenever at all possible, and when I'm not drunk I'm either
high or having sex. I'm totally boy crazy but I'm not
exactly sure if I'm crazy about the boys or about the
pleasure that comes from having sex with the boys. I chase
whatever I think I can't have or whatever pleases me. A
shining example of this is the guy that I'm currently
fucking. His name is Steve and he's been dating my best
friend Mallory for over a year now. We've been fucking for
over half their relationship. He says he's going to leave
her for me because he thinks that he's in love with me, but
I don't love him back. All steve is to me is a great lay.
In fact the only reason that I haven't told him that I
don't want a relationship is because I'm afraid he'll stop
fucking me and the sex is so great. The only problem is
that I pray to God that Mallory doesn't find out. Not only
is she my best friend but also my lover on occasion. I
wouldn't be able to go on living without her sex. Lesbian
sex is the single most pleasurable sex for a woman because
women know what women want. I love it when she lays me
down on the bed and fucks the shit out of me with her
tongue. She thrusts her tongue deep inside my pussy and
it's great. Not only does she have a great personality but
she tastes so damn good. I can't wait to get the next
taste her pussy juices are the best I've ever tasted in my
entire life. No matter what anyone says I'll continue to
have sex with whoever I want whether it hurts feelings or

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