even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-19 03:33:20 (UTC)

hi im katy and im a stupid ass

so joselin and i were tlkaing earlier, and she wa slike,
katy, we tell you all the time how great you are and its
liek out opinion doesn;t count... cause your stubborna dn
dont liek take it into consideration.. and shes right, im a
stupid ass.. i am stubborn and really, it doesn;t matter
how other people see me... i mean it does, but who dos it
matter to? it hsoudl only matter to the people who i care
about, and they tell me, always... so.. im a stupid ass and
my problems continue to be all in my head... but maybe, yea
i'll work them out soon... so then there won;t be any
probelmes, not even in my head.... so...