Emo song waiting to happen...
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2001-12-19 03:27:08 (UTC)

Sick Of It All...

school can kiss my ass... today I got lucky cause I got to
exempt the two finals that I was taking in first and second
period, but tomorrows gonna suck. I got a pre-cal and
spanish exam, which I'm not quite ready for and I'm really
not in the mood to study, and me being the lazy fuck that I
am doesn't help... it doesn't help at all. I'll probably
study a little bit then just rely on what I know already,
and usually that kinda works most of the time. I'm not
really trying to pass with flying numbers or anything, just
as long as I pass I'm cool, I could give a shit less about
my goddamn GPA. Today wasn't so bad I guess... went by
kinda fast, I slept through most of my classes since
christmas break is almost coming up... even though it's so
close I feel like I can hardly stand school already.
Drivers ed sucked as well... I hate it when we don't get to
drive and we just sit there doing this stupid little
worksheet and watching these boring videos, I feel like I
can't even take that anymore, I'm sick of it all already.
I'm sick of everything, I don't know whats wrong with me.
I think I need some time alone or something hell I don't know.
well didn't really get to talk to Nikki today... I'm still
debating wether I should call her or not, I feel like I
should keep in touch, I don't want to lose her friendship,
losing her was bad enough for me... I still want her back, I
can't stop thinking about her, every fucking minute of the
day. And every time I remember how it used to be or just
little things that went on while we were together I start to
miss her even more, it's kind of pathetic, maybe I should
just get over it already, I dunno, I really loved her. And
what makes me even sadder is she didn't know that. Hmmm..
I wonder if there was something thta I could have done to
prevent it all... I'll never know... well I'm still going
to get her a christmas gift, I don't know what yet but I
need to get her something, not something too cheap, but not
something too expensive, just something special... I don't
know... well Christmas seems like it's not gonna be the
same this year for some reason... I don't know why? Well I
guess I'm gonna study, I should try and put some effort
into it...

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