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2001-12-19 00:24:15 (UTC)

Building after facts - words can't say so much

I am acting as are I. To say words cannot convict most
people. At afternoon in lonely street of my home town I
met Mel and Carol and her boyfriend and another friend.
When she for some reason beated my arm I let she do it.
She ask me if I could let her beat again. I said yes. She
asked me if she could beat with all her strength. I say
yes. She asked me if I would reply it. I said not. She
asked me if I cannot feel the pain. I told her I feel but
do not mind. She tried the same question to her friends.
They naturely say not or that would reply so strong as she
does. Well it would teach her who is her friend and who is
just there kidding.
Mel she is creating a world for herself with some addiction.
The ghosts are there because she is afraid of her own
actions. And thet will go when she be tired of them.
I tried to tell her it again. No people can control her
life. Only her own fears could hurt her.
I write poems to her two days one after one. I write in my
country language some lyrics from Bongiovi. Open your heart
and who said it would last forever. The songs are the best
for her moment. The songs tell about a girl that has been
hurt and used but cannot learn because she is young and
innocent and goes back to same errors. Until some people
tried to save her with love.
Bongiovi is the best. And my days with my friends too. Even
I am a background Angel there.
Xmas make a party even a little but put your feelings and
think with heart to do it. God will apreciate it from you.
Tomorrow a better day because I am doing workout in this
life. Since I have not Petcat to care each other my mission
is over.