listen to my silences
2001-12-19 03:23:29 (UTC)

all better, kinda

yesterday ended up turning out all right. brian called me
and we talked for a little while. he said he just wanted
to tell me how great i am and that i'm one of his actual
friends, not just an acquaintance. he called again today
to make sure i knew that. he's silly.

i didn't get to talk to brodie today cause i had a backpass
during irp and then had to stay during lunch to finish
something instead of going through passing period.
hopefully i work with him tomorrow and i can see how he's

g seems to be doing lots better. he's really matured over
the past weeks, and i think it's kinda scaring him. he
gave me a massage today...*sigh*...yeah i think he gives
the best massages ever. i gave him one in return and he
almost fell asleep he was so relaxed.

guard went better today. i'm catching on finally and now
i've just gotta learn the tosses and clean the dances.

kells had me give dre her key back yesterday, and today dre
gave me kelly's key. i hate that so much...*sigh*...oh

k i'm off to study for finals in english and spanish. woo
hoo. lots of fun...yeah, riiiggghhht. tell me another one
make me laugh some more.

final thought: take my world apart, i am on my knees...take
my world apart, broken on my knees...