still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-12-19 03:14:34 (UTC)

Asshole boss, lost Marine

Well I never heard from Dan(my one niht stand) Not that I
ever really expect to but it would have been nice...I ot
into an argument with my boss at wpork today and he sent me
home early..Lokks like a big loan of mine fell through
unbeknownst to me and I took a loner lunch than usuall
because I was lookimng for a bike for my nephew..well he
said to o home early because I took a lon lunch which I
told him was bullshit because EVERYONE takes a long lunch
even more than I and the only reason he was pissede is
because he was stressed because a big deal fell
through..Well so the fuck am I!!I went OFF....My temper got
the best of me and I'm sure the whole office heard me tell
him my takee on things. It takes a lot to get me angry but
he managed to do it finally. It looks like I might be
taking that job at Conseco after all (and they plan on
having me start Jan 2nd...although I'm wondering where the
e offer letter is that was supposed to be sent out on
Saturday...FUCK...I'm gonna srink some Merlot and get into
my FUCK MEN, FUCK LIFE attitude....more bad news...Silvana
told me she's going back to Brazil [permanently in
January...I'm gonna have a tough time with that when she
actually leaves....I don't even want to think about
it...thanks to the person who ave me feedback and to
George: I'm not mad at you so I hope you don't think
that...I was kidding...I enjoy are occasional quick chats
online and would like to meet but am a big chicken because
you've read my diary an it's just wierd meeting someone
from online anyway...well that's it for now...God Bless

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