Joshin Jane

2001-12-19 03:10:21 (UTC)


10:10 pm
how is death so final?
"bob died early this morning / late last night..."
why didn't i know him?
how can i feel so much hurt and loss for someone i didn't
but i know he meant so much to brian, and how can he be
i didn't even know what to say to dj, i just wanted to
wring my hands and my hair and my tearducts.
i'm just thinking and thinking harder and not
brian, i'm so sorry.

10:22 pm
i have issues with death.
i didn't eat for three days when dmitri's dad died, and i'd never
even met the guy.
i flipped out when brendan's grandfather died, and i didn't even know
bren that well.
the closest death i've experienced was lindsay's two years ago, and
those circumstances weren't exactly ordinary.
i think i have issues with death.

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