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2001-04-07 03:50:59 (UTC)

Wow, our second to last..

Wow, our second to last production was tonite. I told lesh
that I like Ian and she was all surprised even though I
showed major signs that I liked him. I just wish he liked
me back. He prolly thinks I am a huge loser. Lesh said
she would help me tell him tomorrow night(our last
production)b4 dinner at The Italian Inn, hopefully. I'm
worried about his response. I'm not very sure about
myself. God, for the first time in my life, I find this
amazing guy that has soooo much in common with me and he is
sweet, sensitive, unsociable like me, and sooo cute. He's
everything I have ever wanted in a guy. I don't want to
get my hopes up though, that way I won't be totally crushed
when he says no, i mean, if he says no, which is possible.
I was going to go try for my permit tomorrow but it doesn't
look like me and dad will have time. Anyway, my day was
good. I actually saved money this week. I am going to buy
a disposable camera tomorrow morning. I want to get a pic
of me and Ian and then me and lesh holding up our banner.
I have to get a solo pic of Ian. He is just soo adorable.
I need to remember to do my hair that way I look stunning
for tomorrow night. I'm really going to miss Ian, Brendon,
and Ben the most. They have done the most silliest stuff
since this production began. Maybe we all do something
together. It would be cool to go to the movies with them
and just completely goof off the entire time we are there.
That'd be soo awesome. Anyway, I am soo tired. I think I
am going to bed. Goodnite!

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