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2001-12-19 02:55:41 (UTC)

No, i did NOT screw him, and exams

Mood: so stressed
Food: good dinner, props to mom
Music: Bon Jovi, Crossroads
Time: 9:39 PM

For the record, i have never cheated on Kevin. Suprise,
suprise, cause' obviously, everyone at South fucking Stokes
thinks that I am a double cheating whore. Guess,
what...i'm not!!!! i thought we were over this "hey, i
heard u screwed so-and-so". ok, i did NOT! so if you're
from South Stokes, and you're reading this lets start a new
rumor, except lets make this one true. so tell all your
friends, Amanda is not screwing now, never was, never has
been, never will screw, or mess around with for that
matter, any party that i'm always asked about screwing and
messing around with. I'm with Kevin and that is that. i
don't care if u heard "Amanda messed around with so-and-so
during track season" or "Amanda screwed so-and-so during
the summer", i'm sorry to bust your gossip bubble but it
never happened. and add this to the lunch time chats about
Amanda the ho...i wear a big fat diamond ring on my left
hand. yah, and its from kevin. take that all u dirty
filthy gossipers who enjoy telling everyone how awful a
person i am. and hey, if u were really my friend in the
first place, u would defend me instead of spreading the
rumor. think about that.

i am now going to bed. i have been doing the big study all
night and i am tired. exams are killing me. as long as
advanced math gets over with tomorrow, i think i'll be
alright. anyways, bye for now. hope i didn't stomp on
anyone's toes. but there r some people that i would love
to rub the salt into that stomp. so there.

ps- can i get some feedback?

lots of annoyed love,