Anne Fox
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2001-12-19 02:48:14 (UTC)

December 18

The only boy who really likes me now is Max... Oh if only
he was 16 years older!
today I babysat so me and Mike had to say goodbye earlier
then planned... It was also boys night out for Chad's
birthday! Happy birthday Chad, we are total twins, we even
are semi the same astrological sign! Chad, you're so rad!
Holy shit, today when my National Title winning lover was
over, i decided to shake up the soda water before i poured
it into my glass, so that my drink would be fizzy...
so it exploded all over me...
what i really wanted was him to lick it off me, but no he
hasnt really even touched me still...our relationship is
not where i want it to be at all. its here when it should
be there
i need to stop trying to package my life into categories
and just let things be
if anyone has any input on where i should go to college
next year, feel free to let me know, i am so fucking dazed
and confused...
today lauren called me and asked me where i was and i said
by the water
so she asked me if i was stoned and i said yes and she told
me that i told her last week that i wouldnt drink or smoke
until after exams, yet every time shes talked to me in the
past week ive been stoned
today i got stoned and drunk. craziness
kickin it on the h cal exam tomorrow!
happy holidays
-Anne, who will turn 18 on saturday!

PS- i am now taking applications for boys interested in a
fun loving 18 year old not necessarily looking for a
serious relationship but more of a physical connection
PPS- i am still waiting for oligz, jb, or anyone to talk
some sense into me before i throw my life out of the
runaway train window
PPPS- if anyone could get florida to be a little more cold
right now it would be greatly appreciated!
PPPPS- if any of my friends could get their ass to florida
it would be greatly appreciated

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