a waSte of sPace
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2001-12-19 02:45:55 (UTC)

itS noT fAir

its not fair that one person could love another in such a
way that it drives them mad. not crazy. mad. insane even. i
dont know what it is about this mysterious angel who ive
only once talk to but he is all. all i want. all i need.
all i luv. never could i feel the way for another as i feel
for him now. i think about him everyday. i drift off into a
daydream and wonder why. why i like him so much. why he
dosent like me. why is fate, destiny, against me? and i
think over and over again the words that were uttered from
his mouth. only to realize what words were uttered were
only what i dreamed he would say.

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