Whats ^ With Katie
2001-12-19 02:33:32 (UTC)

First day

Hey Youll this is Katie and this is my first
lil "entry" everyday if i dont forget i will write about
what i did through out the day good, bad, personal, and so
on so forth so if you want to know why i am in such a
good/bad mood check this out on a daily basis and you will
be surprised what you will find.
Ok and yes me and Rashad are still goin out and the reason we
never do nething is cuz he is STILL grounded hopfully when he can do
somthin HE will give ME a call and we can GET together ......
O and woo hoo joshua called me i missed
you soo much cant wait to see u again.
Well I'll see ull later love u all but my man Rashad most!!