a little piece of me
2001-12-19 02:30:44 (UTC)

crappy day

ugh. today has not gone well. it's just been one damn
thing after another, and i'm getting really stressed out!
one thing that happened...i got some instant rice in a box,
so i put it in this little container thingy. well, i set
the container down, but bumped it when i turned around. it
fell on the floor and the lid popped off and spilled it all
over the floor. i was so pissed off. i just bought the
damn shit, then had to throw it all away. urgh. plus i'm
running on just a few hours of sleep. doesn't help.
anyway, that was just one of the many stupid things that
happened. i really don't want to relive the day. it'll
just piss me off even more. i have so much cleaning and
stuff to do, but every time i turn around something else
goes wrong. i just want to curl up and go to sleep! can't
though...gotta talk to brett tonight, since this could be
it for several days. i will talk to him tomorrow night,
but only for a bit, cause my mom will be here. that means
i can't tell him i love him :( . i'll eventually tell my
mom how i feel about him, i just need a little time.
besides, we'll be 'living together' for about 2 weeks, and
we'll see how we get along. if it doesn't work out, i
don't want to look like a total idiot...

*sigh* i'm really hungry, but i've gone this far without
eating. by the time i do tomorrow, it will have been at
least 48 hours :) this is weird...if i eat anything at
all, it's harder for me not to eat something else later.
but, if i don't eat at all, i don't have any
trouble 'resisting temptation'. strange. maybe i
shouldn't eat tomorrow either...tell my mom i had a big
breakfast, then i don't feel good later. we'll see. i
know she likes to go to that restaurant, so it probably
won't work. oh well. geez, sounds like i have some sort
of problem. i really don't!

anyway, i guess it's back to cleaning. ugh. i wish i was
nice and tidy to begin with, then i wouldn't have to do
this!!! i guess if i'd quit pulling stupid stunts like
dumping rice all over the floor i'd be done a lot faster.
grr. oh well.