Forgotten Misery
2001-12-19 02:08:12 (UTC)

im a slave 4 u

hahaa anyways dont ask ok I heard that a few minutes ago
drivin home from the concert and couldnt help but turn it
up and floor it out of there my grand finally lol im to
funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways at the band concert Mr. Yanke
had everyone else sit down and told everyone i was moving
and gave this sappy speech and i so almost cried and would
have if i had the tears left but i have been crying almost
everyday for the last month or so and it all stopped on
friday wit my final cry well a few tears monday at school.
Talk to g today o joy let me tell u how fun that was
anyways im back to my normal self im a single no good dirty
lil girl hahahaha j/j anywho im so hyper yet i should so be
tired right now due to finals which i havent studied for
opps see i left my chem book in my locker and i need it
real bad but hey summer school is lookin like im headin for
it this year so im already fucked so i dont to muchly
care!!! and hm lets see i have all of 1-2-3-and maybe
fourth to study and lunch so its all gravy at least 3 hours
so im good yeah yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus
i think im gona drive tomorrow so i have to get my ass out
of my bed for once to go study more if i can which means i
will have stuff to do for my mom after school!!!!!! I have
a suprise party on thursday thats coo but im gonna have to
jet early to study spanish and alg2 blah blah blah
pops into my head ...................ok i admit im happy
due to loads of sugar and loads of caffine along with some
happy pills i now call my advils that lol..................

I wonder who sent the e-mail to supershorty lol i dunno its
kinda freaks me out who sent the mail i wanna know and hey
now if your playing tricks thats my job and ur suppossed to
clue me in so i can come up wit even more mean shit mauh
evil laugh nah peopls leave lil boy alone hes a friale lil
boy ok lets be nice im trying to so if i can suck it up u
can 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

um i think somthing just broke damn aaron and christina
smooth well um bye


um that one strange girl typing right now

afkaj;slkrfoiwqeroijefnasld foi32eqrfjus
hwatrowaeurhwoerhweaifuhasduriqwyrwuer hweofhd ovudf

k bye