2001-12-19 01:08:59 (UTC)

Just One More Week!

Gavin suddenly realized at the dinner table that it's just
one week until Christmas. Oh, dear! We still need to put up
the tree and I still need to wrap gifts! Well, we'll be
ready, I'm sure. We always are!

Another stay at home day and I'm still trying to get rid of
this earache. I sat down to watch the evening news and
ended up missing most of it as I fell asleep. That's
unusual for me but I haven't been sleeping well. Part of
that is because John is working graveyard shift. I never
sleep well when he isn't home.

I worked a little on the Christmas block for the Bible Quilt
this afternoon. That seemed an appropriate choice. I find
myself flitting from project to project, book to book, not
being able to settle down and concentrate on anything at
all. Tomorrow I'll try a bit harder to get some of the
things done which need to get done.

It's time now for Owen's birthday cake! There are 19
candles to light, we'll all sing happy birthday and have
cake and ice cream and then he'll open his gifts and cards.
Happy Birthday, Owen!